Chioggia has always been called the "little Venice", this makes us proud, but in reality our city offers much more!

Chioggia has always been called the “little Venice”, this makes us proud, but in reality our city offers much more! There are many opportunities, for adults and children, for personal and cultural enrichment. We have a lot of outdoor activities and museum offers, traditions and contradictions of people rich in creativity and folklore.



The Museum of the Southern Lagoon is an archaeological and ethnographic museum located in the former Convent of San Francesco, just outside the city walls. The Giuseppe Olivi Museum of Adriatic Zoology has the most important historical collection of marine Adriatic animals. The Diocesan Museum with historical, iconographic and reliquary collections. The Clock Tower is the museum with the oldest clock in the world, about 30 meters high with a mural thickness at the base of over 1.20 meters, of Roman-Byzantine origin, used as a lighthouse and watchtower.



Enjoy walking through the streets of our historic city centre, where stories and legends were born, such as the “baruffe chiozzotte” masterpiece of Carlo Goldoni, you’ll feel atmospheres from other times. From the historic centre of Chioggia, walking along the Lusenzo bank, you reach Marina vecia, the historical city centre of Sottomarina, a characteristic area of ​​small alleys. In this area you are able to admire the Murazzi, an Istrian stone walls built at the end of the 1700s by the Republic of Venice to defend the inhabited areas from the erosion of the sea, and the Dam the favourite destination of the population also called “piazza dei marinanti”. An important note goes to our beautiful beach, long just about 10 kilometres with a length that in some places even reaches 300 meters.



The Lusenzo, the ancient “Luxentium” in Roman times, indicates the stretch of lagoon that separates Chioggia from Sottomarina, this panoramic ring of cycle and pedestrian path allows you to enjoy the lagoon avoiding the traffic of the city and gives you colours and fantastic views. The island of Pellestrina, a strip of land about 11 km long with maximum 400-500 meters wide, located between Chioggia and the Lido of Venice, offers a cycle path unknown form the most tourists and full of rare beauties.



there are many excursions on board of typical Chioggia boats, such as the “Bragosso”. You will be able to observe the historic city centre of Chioggia with its characteristic medieval herringbone urban plan, navigate the lagoon and the internal canals. The water offers a privileged point of view to discover the typical coloured houses of Sottomarina and Pellestrina, the natural reserve of Ca ‘Roman and the “peocere” poles of wood used for raising mussels, which can be found in correspondence of mouths of the port where the exchange of water is greater and the quality of the water better.



Chioggia is a seaside town. It has one of the most important Italian wholesale fish markets and one of the largest Italian fishing fleets. Famous is the Chioggia public fish market, in the city centre. It is impossible to say no to a fishing day, in the sea or in the lagoon and more over decline a good lunch in a typical fishing boat.



These are the classic coffee bars frequented by fishermen and Chioggia boys. You will be able to taste the cicchetti, the small degustation portions prepared with the typical local recipes, cooked with seafood and much more. And most importantly, you can drink the famous Spritz and taste delicious Venetian wines.


We want to be part of this particular Italian rebirth. We have created this space to update you on the Covid-19 situation in Chioggia and to explain our initiatives to you. We were lucky and in our city we had a very low percentage of infected people. All citizens...



Minimum stay: 2 nights accommodation in double room for two people breakfast for two persons for the whole stay, including room service. romantic dinner with tasting menu from typical Chioggia cooking for two people water, bottle of wine or non-alcoholic alternative...