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Chioggia, VE

Casa Sansera was born from the union between the love for Chioggia, a city rich in history and traditions, and the love for hospitality, born and grown together with our professionalism in the restaurant business. Since 1996 we have been proudly bringing chioggio cuisine, classic traditional dishes to the table, caring in our guests and creating a bond with them that grows over the years. In 2018 the move intohospitality was a natural one; we decided to renovate a building adjacent to our Tavern and create a B&B. We have respected the structure of the typical Chioggia house, combining tradition and innovation, using old-fashioned materials such as wood and choosing the best technologies for our guests.


Casa Sansera

From tradition also comes our name. The sanseras were the women who were involved in mediations between the 1960s and 1970s; during the winter they looked for houses and then sold or rented them, while in the summer season they acted as actual travel agents, helping tourists find vacation accommodations. Like the sanseras, we too are available to those who wish to get to know our area, we love to take care and pamper our guests, always striving for excellence.


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Nadia and Felice

“Family history begins with catering.”

La Taverna Restaurant was established in the late 1900s as a “Bacaro” (inn). THE Bacaro was the meeting place of fishermen who, getting off their Bragozzi, typical fishing boats, would flock to the place to taste after days at sea the first hot dishes or the famous cicchetti (tastings).

Over time La Taverna transformed from an inn into a trattoria, acquiring, in the context of typical Chioggia establishments, its own relevance.

At the end of 2009, the restaurant is purchased by Felice Tiozzo and his wife Nadia Menegatti with the collaboration in the dining room of Lorenzo Moretto, an expert connoisseur of the restaurant industry and sommelier A.I.S. Felice was chef and patron for five years of the historic restaurant El Gato, brought back after years of oblivion to the splendor of regional dining, with mentions in major newspapers in the sector and included as the only restaurant in Chioggia in the guides of Espresso, Veronelli, Bibenda etc…

Felice Tiozzo’s story is a bit of an anomaly, not having attended hotel school but graduating as a surveyor from Parini in Mestre in the late 1980s, he came to catering out of necessity and passion, managing the bar-restaurant inside a Sottomarina campsite for several years in the 1990s.

Here the first successes in the kitchen, so many customers appreciate his still raw but full of flavor dishes that he is invited to open a restaurant. He tried it with I Vaporetti in Sottomarina, an eatery that had been closed for a few years and was immediately successful, left the restaurant after two years of management and found himself deciding whether to continue with the restaurant business or give it up, but his passion pushed him toward a new and demanding challenge.

El gato seeks management: many refused because the place was intimidating because of its history . He had no fear Felice, who with tenacity and a lot of passion took it over and within a short time brought it back to being the leading restaurant in the Chioggia area.

Now begins again, in 2010, a new adventure of Felice and his wife Nadia in running La Taverna Restaurant. The Tavern starts where it was left off by the previous management, an understated establishment where courtesy and quality are the two main ingredients.

And as Felice likes to say:

my main satisfaction lies in the empty plate that comes back after the customer has made the famous “scarpetta” everything else is just talk.





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